Finding the Right Leadership on a Tight Deadline


Our client bid on a request for proposal (RFP) to provide services to a large population of Medicaid recipients in their home state. They were proud of their excellent staff with Commercial and Medicare experience, but quickly realized they needed new leadership to impress the state and demonstrate the ability to provide a high level of service to Medicaid members. And, they had a short time line in which to complete the RFP and show the state they were prepared to take on this new line of business.


We immediately scanned the regional and national landscape to identify leaders who could manage initial implementation and operations. We were searching for many key roles including a Medical Director, Vice Presidents for Health Care Services, Provider Contracting, and Directors for the finance and member services areas. We needed proven leaders familiar with starting up a new line of business within the framework of a long-standing operation. As a result of our strong network and expertise in government programs, we were able to quickly deliver multiple candidates for all positions.


Our client recruited the staff needed to begin a successful implementation when they won the RFP bid.

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