Creating a New Role to Achieve Success


A stand-alone specialty hospital had created a new position for a Vice President to lead their value-based payer strategy initiatives. This was a new role for the hospital, critical to creating payer and employer partnerships in their service area and beyond. They knew the outcome that they wanted, but hadn’t fully considered the profile of a successful candidate.


We came on board and worked closely with the leadership team to understand their goals for the position. We rewrote the position description to better reflect what the hospital needed. Our research team then built a pipeline of possible candidates, focusing on organizations that had successfully implemented payer strategy programs. We conducted a national outreach campaign, considering candidates from all sides of the market—including payer, provider, ancillary and vendors—to deliver six final candidates.


Our client chose the candidate who had experience working for a nationally renowned provider organization. Since joining the hospital, the new hire has assumed all payer negotiations and successfully developed new partnership opportunities.

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